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Solicitors errors?

Posted by blue111 
Solicitors errors?
March 31, 2021 10:30AM

I am going through a divorce. My solicitor had made an error on a court application and then subsequently made another correct application.

I was sent an invoice for work for the second application which I disputed and asked to waive off the charges given it was their mistake. Since then it has been several weeks and I have not had any response despite chasers. The divorce matter has also been stalled due to this.

Can someone please advise what are my options here to deal with the solicitors? I am aware one of the option is to terminate the instructions and get a new solicitor. But I am trying to understand if there are any options other than this and is there a reason they've stopped communicating/ responding to me?

Re: Solicitors errors?
March 31, 2021 10:34AM
The obvious course of action is to take it up with your solicitors. If you telephone them I think it is very unlikely they will refuse to speak to you.
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