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Changing school after house move
March 18, 2021 08:09PM
Just being one step ahead. And asking for advice on what could happen and your experience of this situation.

My sons mum have just informed me she's put a offer on for house in the next village down. It's about 10 minute drive from our sons school, it's a Catholic school and I'm pretty certain the catchment area would cover where she's moving too. I can walk to his school in less than 10 minutes she currently live nearly on the door step less than 2 min walk.

We have a family based agreement, in writing and signed by both of us(not court ordered or definitely not legally binding) that we share the custody of our son 50/50, and all school decisions and the such like.

I drop our 5yo son too school every Monday and alternate Fridays mornings and collect every Friday and alternate Thursdays afternoon, she does the other times, so more drop off and collections for her.

There would be a primary school in her new village, I wouldn't want him going to a different school and unselltling him, he seems really happy his school, made some nice friends ect...

Could she change his school without my knowledge, how would I know she's doing such a thing? We've been separated for 3 years now.
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