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Pensions Drawn before Marraige

Posted by ernist 
Pensions Drawn before Marraige
March 13, 2021 10:16PM
Years ago I was retired from local government on medical grounds. The pension was payable from that time 30 years ago. I am also in receipt of a private pension which was paid for and an annuity purchased and the pension payable from 11 years ago. I met my current wife five years ago and has already stated these pensions were ongoing prior to meeting her. I have paid the bills fully on our tenants-in-common property which we bought 4 years ago. I gave her the opportunity to give up her part-time job and have supported her until now. She is now in receipt of her state pension. I am 63. Things aren't going that great at the moment and we may consider a divorce. As my pensions were matured for want of a better word does she have any claim on these in any financial settlement? Thank you
Re: Pensions Drawn before Marraige
March 14, 2021 09:27AM
There is no easy answer to this. If this is a 'needs' case then it won't matter that your pensions accrued before you met because they may have to be taken into account to meet needs. However, if this isn't a 'needs' case the pensions would be treated as non matrimonial and excluded. They will be included if necessary to prevent hardship but they will be excluded if going so does not affect reasonable needs.
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