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Court Fee advice

Posted by Nomajee 
Court Fee advice
March 06, 2021 11:59AM
I had recently applied for divorce and now I have received the "Certificate of Entitlement to Decree". I am the petitioner. There is one thing that I am slightly confused about, "Respondent pays cost of petitioner" and has 14 days to contest this. What does this cost actually include? Also at what time does my ex need to pay me this?
Thanks in advance.
Re: Court Fee advice
March 06, 2021 04:02PM
If you applied for the divorce yourself then the only cost is the £550 court fee to issue the divorce petition. If the court orders your spouse to pay your costs then that would be a debt like any other. If your ex did not pay then it would be up to you to try to enforce payment if you were so minded. It is actually quite usual for the costs of divorce to be shared. A spouse not willing to agree to share the divorce costs is almost by definition unreasonable.
Re: Court Fee advice
March 07, 2021 04:02PM
Thanks for the prompt reply David. I am being represented by a lawyer so in that case will my ex have to pay the solicitor fee as well? The decree nisi will be pronounced on the 24th April, does my ex have to pay me before that date? And lastly if she decides to contest the court order will that delay the decree nisi?
Thanks in advance
Re: Court Fee advice
March 08, 2021 09:21AM
You are represented by a lawyer whom you are paying to answer questions like this.
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