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Public vs Private FDR's vs Arbitration vs ??

Posted by Sparky's Dream 
Public vs Private FDR's vs Arbitration vs ??
January 19, 2021 04:27PM

After a couple of rounds of unsavory solicitors letters my soon to be Ex wife and I still haven't moved from our respective positions to agree the financial settlement for the divorced. She has probably burnt nearly £7-8k and I've spent £4k so far on solicitors.

Her solicitor has submitted an application for a Public FDR hearing with the courts. I've been told this could take many months, may be up to a year and even then it can get bounced at the last minute if a Judge can't do it.

Her solicitor has suggested to us a Private FDR route or Arbitration. I'm hearing a Private FDR would end up costing the same as the Public FDR but it would be quicker. I'm also told Arbitration is cheaper but is more risky as the decision is final and the FDR's aren't final decisions so there could be some room to flex on.

Is there any advice on time and cost of these three options and if there's other options to settlement. I have suggested mediation with both solicitors present, but she said she couldn't sit down in a room with me and argue - which is a bit weird as all these three options are sitting in room with me and arguing, only being interrogated by judges, barristers and solicitors instead.

Any advice on the options would be most appreciated.

Many thanks
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