What we do

We are divorce solicitors. Divorce and divorce related issues in England (or Wales) is the only type of work that we do. Whether you are in England (or Wales) or a British national working or resident overseas if you need the advice of a solicitor on a matter of UK divorce law – divorce, ancillary relief (dividing up the matrimonial assets etc) , spousal maintenance or alimony, pension sharing, custody or residence of children, family law, whether the English courts have jurisdiction or whatever then please check out the rest of this site or the site map for the range of services we can provide.

When you get a divorce – even if you obtain the divorce yourself and do not use a lawyer –  it is always wise to get legal advice about settling the financial issues arising from the marriage once for all. That is so even if you think that it is not necessary because there are no assets or even income. In the latter case the financial settlement that may be necessary is a ‘clean break’ – ie neither (ex) spouse can make any financial claim against the other either now or in the future. It is important to understand that a ‘clean break’ needs a court order. It does not happen accidentally or automatically. Action has to be taken in order to obtain that court order.

The fact is that if financial issues are not settled formally and finally at the time of the divorce they can remain open for many years and many years later financial circumstances can be very different. Many people think that financial claims come to an end when decree absolute is granted. That is emphatically not the case. Please read the page on the case of Wyatt v Vince to fully understand the implications of this.

It is perhaps worth mentioning that there are three separate divorce jurisdictions in the UK – (1) England & Wales, (2) Scotland and (3) Northern Ireland. Usually which applies is clear but less straightforward cases often need legal advice about jurisdiction. This is especially the case where one or both spouses do not currently live in the UK.

Who we are

This is a small firm. There is only one fee earner. That is David Terry who is a solicitor. David has a law degree from Oxford University (M.A. Oxon). Before concentrating solely on divorce related work he was a partner in a firm in Lincoln’s Inn.

David has done nothing but divorce related work for the last 25 years or more. He is a specialist family practitioner.

Because most of David’s work is done by email his clients are scattered far and wide. Many are living or working outside the UK so he is particularly familiar with the needs of those clients.

His work revolves mainly around family finance and financial remedies in divorce and, in particular, in trying to resolve those issues in the most cost effective way.


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