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Selling items before / +maintenance

Posted by uk-II 
Selling items before / +maintenance
November 02, 2020 01:47AM
Whenever it will happen the house is going for sale.

Before that, I have a suspicion that my ex is trying to run me dry on money. She can do it as she have straight up free solicitor service [ I know, I used them this way too - sort of ]. And although I understand even this will have patience limit [possibly] it might be enough to run me dry.

My question is can I start to sell home stuff already to fund my expenses?
Can I pay my solicitor from CreditCard and it will be taken on account during estate split? Effectively meaning she will pay % of my debt?

Her big plan is to pay one way maintenance to her for another 10 months before she'll get job and then can escape maintenance herself as she'll be then on 2x better pay than me. In the process kick me out of our house [we have both rights to it].

I have a choice to pay solicitor or her - and if I won't fight, I might be liable to pay maintenance in case she'll get ill [possible]

From my perspective it looks like one of the best choices is to disappear, skip divorce proceedings, and come back when she has job and then set up my life again being kept on her maintenance.

I'd rather avoid dropping job and life but living on minimum is not life anyway.
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