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New relationship after divorce protection

Posted by Rogerpripit 
New relationship after divorce protection
January 16, 2020 06:10PM
Hi, I've been divorced for over a year now and have recently started another relationship. The new relationship is a breath of fresh air and as I say is quite fresh, I hope to stay with her for the foreseeable future but I have concerns.

Currently I have assets that include a large property along with a few other things. If I decide to move my new partner into my home, my concern is, after settling down with her for say 2 years or so, could she lay claim to a share in my assets?
She has absolutely nothing bring apart from herself into the relationship, no house no assets just her. She also doesn't work due to an illness.

I've no intension of marrying again and she knows that, but that doesn't stop me worrying about my future in the event she decides to take a slice of the cake as such if we decide to go our separate ways.


Any advice would be appreciated..
Re: New relationship after divorce protection
January 19, 2020 04:40PM
Assuming that you have settled the financial issues arising from your previous marriage formally and finally if you do not marry your new partner then what is in your name stays in your name. That is very different from the situation upon divorce. In the case of an unmarried couple what each has in their own name stays in their own name and courts have no jurisdiction to alter those property rights. Your new partner cannot make financial claims upon you just upon the basis of living together - for no matter how long. What would change everything completely would be if you remarried. In that event a court gets to decide who gets what. So long as you remain unmarried your property and assets remain your property and assets. Although people often talk about a 'common law wife' and the 'rights' of a 'common law wife' that is just a myth. There is no such concept and there are no such rights.
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