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How longs the wait

Posted by Lou50 
How longs the wait
July 18, 2022 07:23PM
Hi all
I’m a newbie here. Just wondering if anyone knows how long your application takes to be processed. I’ve done it online with gov.uk 3 weeks ago and application is still saying that application submitted. Quite a straight forward divorce. We have shared the costs. Nothing financial between us. Just wondered in how long I maybe looking for application to be seen. My guess is there’s a backlog. Thanks in advance
Re: How longs the wait
July 27, 2022 01:40AM
Be prepared for a long wait! It’s taking forever through Bury St.Edmunds.

We received an email in the last few weeks saying they were still reviewing information submitted in December!

So be warned that even if you think it’s simple it’s a loooong process!
Re: How longs the wait
August 24, 2022 09:01AM
We've been told recently that it's a 10 week wait for review atm
Re: How longs the wait
October 26, 2022 12:15PM
Anyone else hear anything?
Submitting papers for Bailiff to serve, have paid but still haven't heard anything yet!
Re: How longs the wait
October 26, 2022 02:11PM
A private process server will invariably serve court papers quicker than court bailiffs and much quicker too.
Re: How longs the wait
November 03, 2022 02:48PM
Thank you for the info. Can I simply re-print everything and serve the papers via Process Server since it's been 2 months of waiting since I sent the fee to Bury St Edmunds?
Re: How longs the wait
November 03, 2022 03:34PM
You will need to obtain a set of papers for service from the court.
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