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Divorce in scotland

Posted by Djdw 
Divorce in scotland
June 22, 2022 06:02PM
Hi, any advice would be greatly appreciated.
I seperated from my ex over 2 years ago due to her having an affair. We lived in a rented house and went our seperate ways. We had only been married 1 1/2 years. I moved into a house I had already owned which was being rented out from me by a friend. I recently contacted my ex wife to say I was going to apply for a divorce which she was quite happy about but she seems to think she is entitled to financial settlement.
We had no shared assets or savings. We both work and have equal salery. We both have pensions of equal value during the time we were together and we had no children together. Altho she does have a son who was 15 at the time but his father paid maintenance for him
When we split I let her have everything from the house she wanted and was left with the expense of having the rest of it cleared.
Unfortunatly I never knew about seperation agreements etc and I had no contact with her until I messaged about starting a divorce so I'm a bit in the dark about everything. I have booked an appointment with a lawyer but would be good to know where I stand before I go with my eyes closed to the process.
Like most folk I'd just like a clean break to move on with my life.
Cheers in advance
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